Leonista Spirit

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About Us

Leonista is South Africa’s multi-award-winning 100% organic Karoo agave spirit, made in the traditional Mexican way. The agave plants are cooked in smoke and fire, creating Leonista's unique, smooth, and smoky flavour. Leonista 100% agave spirit is as close as you can get to an original Mexican mezcal (we just can't legally call it mezcal because it's not made in Mexico). 


When you drink Leonista how it's meant to be drunk - sipped slowly and treated with respect - it gives you a powerful buzz, and is known to be the most energising of all alcohols. Also, because it contains no additives (compared to many alcohols with contain a ton of sugar and other chemicals), your post-Leonista morning won't be nearly as bad as others.

Inspired by Patagonia, Leonista strives to have a positive impact on the world. It's 100% USDA certified organic, and a ‘1% for the Planet’ member.


Local businesswoman and founder Sarah Kennan, sums up perfectly why she created Leonista: “When I went to Mexico on a research tour, I saw the culture and industry around the agave plant in Mexico, which I knew grew very well in the Karoo. I wanted to replicate the industry, job creation and quality agave spirit production I saw on my travels. I was also tired of there being low quality tequila and mezcal in South Africa.”

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