About Us

Lelive (pronounced leh-lee-veh) was created in 2020 by Amanda du-Pont.


The name was inspired by Amanda's unofficial Swazi name, and means 'of the nation or world', which was a perfect fit for us because we're first and foremost about building a strong community that we support, listen to and are guided by.


The range was developed by expert formulators alongside our dedicated community on social media to create skincare that's truly made by Africa. it's our mission to make skincare that is clean, simple, effective and affordable while celebrating what makes Africa unique. our entire range has been formulated to be kind to you and the environment.


Our ingredients (which are 95% natural and up to 5% plant-identical) are sourced responsibly with local ingredients being celebrated throughout our range, and our packaging (which is mostly aluminium due to its recyclability) avoids the use of plastic wherever possible.


We're also vegan, cruelty-free and reef safe!

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