The Golden Thread Boutique


About Us

The Golden Thread Boutique. Our name is symbolic of the golden thread that connects it all. An outfit is very much like this in which you create a harmony between pieces to create the perfect look. Creating pieces that can easily go with any piece of clothing.


We believe fashion is a way of self-expression. As a small business our community are able to have a unique voice/ expression as we produce a small quantity of each item.


The Golden Thread Boutique is a small Female Owned business that is proudly South African. Our mission is not only to create for women but to inspire and empower in the process. We are committed to supporting female owned businesses. We proud to say our supply chain is 90% female owned. All products are 100% made in South Africa.


As a small owned business we focus on quality versus quantity. Putting all our love into the products made.


We started in the most unknown times not only in the world but our life. It was a leap of faith into the great unknown. But there is nothing more inspiring than being in a room surrounded by women to create something magical.

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