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About Us

ASHA or AšA // means 'life' in Arabic, the word also bears reference to 'truth', 'right working' and 'existence'.


ELEVEN // a number, particularly in repetition 11:11, believed to represent the opening of an energetic gateway. In numerology, it signifies intuition, insight and enlightenment. Together, each of these represents the duality between ones physical presence and purpose on this Earth polarised with spiritual awakening and more non-earthly expansion. Asha : Eleven is inspired to design and create; inspired to work with amazing factories that care for those who work with them and with small social empowerment groups who have incredible skillsets. Inspired to reduce the negative impact on our planet. Inspired by the stories created and the stories shared. Founded by Olivia Kennaway in October 2018, Asha: Eleven is a Cape Town born and based brand. Olivia, who is Kenyan by birth, sources inspiration by working hands-on with fellow African suppliers and artisans.


Connecting with local craftsmen and skills groups whilst creating ways in which to incorporate their traditional skillsets into Asha : Eleven designs. With ethics + sustainability as a driving force behind Asha : Eleven, the brand culture believes that the future of the fashion industry is one where sustainability is the norm; where one no longer needs to educate and drive for change - it simply is. Asha: Eleven’s approach and values are based on a commitment to encouraging this to become reality.


The Asha: Eleven design identity is trend aware but believes in a timeless, trans-seasonal fashion which is made to last whilst discouraging over-consumption and wastefulness. Simple sustainable basics hold equal value to unique, one-a-kind custom pieces. Whether it’s a hemp t-shirt or a handwoven brass embellished bag, the same notion applies; ‘inspired and beautiful things to make you feel inspired and beautiful’

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