Local needs a place to call Home!


If we look back in history, the most significant and memorable changes to the existence of humans revolve around some sort of crisis, where we are forced to be extraordinary; to change without notice, to adapt and to shift our views on what matters most to us.


This has been seen repeatedly if we page through our history books – people-powered switch operators couldn’t keep up with the telephone during the 1918 pandemic, television sales shot through the roof during the Cold War era, and more recently, issues of climate change along with the covid 19 pandemic, we have begun to demand more from our usual businesses. As the world shut down and we were shut up, we all re-evaluated what was important to us. Our homes and our space, realising that having less is more, the value of money, the very existence of local businesses hanging on by the support from their communities and the astonishing beginnings for some which stemmed from barely anything. True to form, South Africans, the Mzanzi Nation that we are, have created a sphere and space for local talents’ creations to be made, recognised and honoured. Our ‘Local’, is our new normal, and our new normal needs a place to call home.

About Us

Two Models
Two Models


Jor and Gee met working together back in October 2019 and as they say, the rest is history! With Jor having only being back in South Africa for a year, after spending 6 years on a secluded island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and Gee having moved to Durban after studying in Cape Town and braving two corporate companies in Joburg; and being the clued-up Gen-Z that she is, they immediately fell in-sync with each other as they fed off each other’s knowledge in ways neither of them imagined possible. Not only did they become Durban-Sisters, but they also worked hard together, solving the world’s problems in the workplace, in matters of the heart, confided in each other about family and, of course, they both love a good bottle of vino (or two).


And so, after many a discussion and many plans on how to end the tedious battle of covid in the travel world, business plan after business plan of how to make South Africa a better place through uplifting communities in order to call any business their own, they stumbled upon the idea of Browse Local; mostly because of Gee’s love and knowledge for everything ‘Local’, and Jor’s impatience of not having the instant

gratification of being able to find these stunning local brands ‘all in one place.’ From the second they had that ‘light bulb moment’ of this idea, they both fell in love with the concept and how it can empower every single gorgeous local brand that South Africa has to offer. Jor and Gee are both so excited to be able to share Browse Local with the world, and all the special local talents that have come together to make this dream their reality.

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Giving Back

We are fully committed to giving back to the community and will donate 5% of every subscription to a charity of our choice. We would like to support charities that are important to our subscribers, as well as our consumers therefore we would love for you to send us your favourite charities that you want to see us work with.


We envision supporting causes we and our subscribers can get involved with if they can, for example, the firemen during the Cape Town fires or food parcels in times of crisis. Our team will send regular updates on how these funds are used and where and whom they have helped. We would also like to use some of these funds to get local businesses off the ground and have an application process for financial assistance.

Wild Mushrooms